0800 logo big The Community and Competence Center for socially deprived in Shkodra is a reference point for marginalized people, children with mental and physical problems and aged people.
- Promotes equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities.
- Encourages the inclusion of disabled people in society by supporting them.
- Advocates the rights of the disabled people within our society.

Calling our green number 0800 8007 you can get information and support on:
  • Invalidity pension, needed documentation and procedures
  • Legal advisor
  • Logopedist and autism advisor
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  • First Aid Training
  • Summer Camp
  • First Aid

Give your clothes a new home!

With the cold winter season approaching, the young volunteers of Malteser Albania were engaged in starting a campaign for the people in need. The initiative was modest, as it first started by informing relatives and classmates of the volunteers.Step by step, the youngsters designed a leaflet that would be handed out, in addition to promoting the campaign on all social media platforms.


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