The Community and Competence Center for socially deprived people
Malteser has opened a Community Center through which it thinks to promote equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities, accessibility from the society, safety in transportation, employment, education, and freedom from abuse. We strongly, will encourage their inclusion in society by supporting them, for they have to be recognized and accepted, as all people, despite differences, share the same value.
“Different but equal” is the motto that guides our work and activity with this group of people.
One of the most important points of this project is the society awareness about the advocacy of the rights of the disabled people within our society and encourage them to work with these target groups, to accept them in everyday activities and events, from which they might have been excluded in the past, in order to remove discrimination and exclusion, as well as increasing public awareness and civil education.
The Community Center for marginalized people, children with mental and physical problems, disabled elderly people, people with few opportunities, will be in service for this target group each day from Monday to Friday, at 8.00 - 16.00.
In disposition there is a published telephone number, through which, you may have direct contacts with our selected staff such as: legal advisory, insurance advisory, logoped specialist and advisory autism, this category will have the opportunity to be informed and get direction in solving their problems.
According to a fixed schedule as well, people will have the opportunity to meet and be informed from legal and medical specialists.
Parents of autism children will participate in individual and group meetings and will be informed how to behave with their autistic children, and how to solve their problems with papers for benefiting rights-based approach to disability.
A useful support is even this page, through which you might be informed on the compilation of different papers, where to deliver them, on the individual and group meetings, time schedule, etc, as regards the offered service.



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