0800 logo big The Community and Competence Center for socially deprived in Shkodra is a reference point for marginalized people, children with mental and physical problems and aged people.
- Promotes equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities.
- Encourages the inclusion of disabled people in society by supporting them.
- Advocates the rights of the disabled people within our society.

Calling our green number 0800 8007 you can get information and support on:
  • Invalidity pension, needed documentation and procedures
  • Legal advisor
  • Logopedist and autism advisor
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  • First Aid Training
  • Summer Camp
  • First Aid

Humanitarian actions of Malteser Albania

Since the earthquake struck on November 26th, resulting in 51 deaths and up to 750 people injured, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta has been continuing to respond to the needs of the people affected. Volunteers and staff from the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta arrived immediately to the disaster site after the earthquake, to provide support to the affected population.


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania early on Tuesday morning, causing several buildings to collapse. The official death toll reached 46 by Friday morning, while the fate of many others remains unknown. 

World Day of the Poor

On November 17th, the World Day of the Poor was celebrated, an occasion that Pope Francis founded at the conclusion of the Jubilee of Mercy. Malteser Albania, as an order of the Catholic Church and part of the Sovereign Order of Malta joined this international initiative by organizing several activities to help people in need.

Training ‘’Autism, a story to share’’

In the frame of the awareness activities on disability, Dr. Anita Zacharias, pediatrician and Dr. Monika Aly, therapist, from Germany, were invited by the “Malteser Consultation and Service Center” to refer in the training “Autism, a story to share”, which is organized by the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta.


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