0800 logo big The Community and Competence Center for socially deprived in Shkodra is a reference point for marginalized people, children with mental and physical problems and aged people.
- Promotes equal opportunities and equal rights for people with disabilities.
- Encourages the inclusion of disabled people in society by supporting them.
- Advocates the rights of the disabled people within our society.

Calling our green number 0800 8007 you can get information and support on:
  • Invalidity pension, needed documentation and procedures
  • Legal advisor
  • Logopedist and autism advisor
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  • First Aid Training
  • Summer Camp
  • First Aid

Together in the autism awareness month

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta is an organization which aims to support people in need and marginalized ones without prejudice of race, religion, or ability.
There are three years that at the Malteser headquarter there is the “Malteser Consultation and Service Center, which is in service of people with disabilities, especially children.


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