Donation of emergency medicaments and antibiotics by Malteser Albania

After the request of the Directorate of Public Health of M. Madhe, Malteser Albania donate emergency medicaments and antibiotics for the completely isolated communes of North Albania as the most remote mountains area “Vermosh”.
donationofmedicamentssmallMedicaments will be transported tomorrow to the Health center there by helicopters. Today two tentative of helicopter landing failed because of very bad weather conditions.
As always also during these difficult days, Malteser Albania” continues to support people of Boge, Bratosh, Sheldi with medical assistance and basic medicaments. Malteser Albania donates medicaments to the Directorate of public health of M. Madhe also for other isolated villages. State nurses who collaborate with Medical structure of Malteser have also been furnished with emergency medicaments and antibiotics with the aim to support also villages near the ambulatories where Malteser Albania works.
This week, the medical team of Malteser Albania, using a good “land rover” (donated some years ago by St. Cyriakus supporting group) and supported by bulldozers of the communes will be able again to reach the ambulatories in Boga and Bratosh.



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