New scholastic year for the Malteser Kindergarten

It is the third year that Malteser Albania is supporting the kindergarten for children of families who are in need, who are not integrated in the society, and for those whose families can’t effort state and private kindergartens because they are expensive.
Sixty-six (66) children have attended the kindergarten in the season September 2011-July 2012 divided in two groups according to their age from 7.30 -15.00, Monday to Friday. Twenty one (21) children have entered the first year of school this September. The teachers have been working with the children, teaching and educating them according to the kindergarten program. They have also followed a program of entertainment according to the different events, such as birthdays, Easter or excursions. From January to September 33 birthdays have been celebrated, Easter, the Teacher’s and Mother’s Day, the Summer Day, the Flowers Day, the Children Day, two excursions at the Village of Peace and two other excursions at the children’ playground. A special event has been the drama “Snow white and the seven dwafts” played by the older children in the kindergarten and then at the Village of Peace, at the end of the school year.
The new scholastic year started in September 1, 2012. The kindergarten has welcomed 61 children; twenty nine (29) new children have been registered. The teachers have divided the children in two groups according to their age, the first group has 29 children age 3-4 and the second group has 32 children age 5-6. They follow the plan which they have compiled according to the yearly program.
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