Malteser in the 100th anniversary of Independence

As part of celebrations on the 100th anniversary of Independence, Malteser Albania has carried out various activities, some of which are in collaboration with other institutions.
malteser office n
Activity for people with disabilities, in collaboration with the Centre of Development and the secondary school “Shpresa për të ardhmen” (Hope for the future).
Participation in the Health Fair “Beside the citizen 100 years of independence and 100 years of health”, in collaboration with the Regional Directorate of Health Shkodër.
Feast of “Malteser” Kindergarten Children.
Various health services in the Malteser headquarter in Shkodra, in the “Charity House” in to Laç Vau-Dejës and in the villages of Bogë, Sheldi, Bratosh, where Malteser provides its medical service.
Poster distribution of First Aid Training in Schools.



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