Health education with Roma and Gypsy children

Since 2000 Malteser Albania has been running the project “One step forward for the integration of Roma community in our society”, which consists in working with Roma Community in the entrance of Shkodra city.
aktivitet higjene nDuring these years Malteser has been concentrated in integrating the community in the society, delivering base medical service, educating them on health issues, respecting and profiting by law, juridical consulting and support. In order to realize these activities Malteser Albania has build up a medical and a social center in the Village of Peace in Shkodra.
As a result of Malteser intervention the situation is improved in different life aspects of this community as in medical,education and their state in society.
As a continuity of its activities, Malteser Albania has organized a health education activity with Roma and Gypsy children.
During this activity, Malteser volunteers, in collaboration with the teachers of the middle school “Beato Zefferini” have meet with the children of Roma and Gypsy Community, have talked to them and have taught them about the importance of the personal hygiene, the way of dressing, of combing and keeping the hair, etc.
After, to all the children have been distributed shampoos for their head hygiene.



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