Malteser beside the elderly people in the House for Elderly People in the International Volunteer Day

December 5, is the International Volunteer Day, a day designated by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1985. This day is dedicated to all those people around the world who voluntarily offer themselves by sacrificing their own interests, in the interests of society and community.
The International Volunteer Day is a way for volunteers, communities and organizations to promote their contribution and make it visible at the local, national and international level in various fields, such as medicine, civil protection, education, etc.
On the day dedicated to International Volunteer Day, Malteser Albania has offered its contribution through various activities.
 Malteser volunteers, in collaboration with the House for Elderly People in Shkodra, have provided medical assistance to the elderly of this House.
The Malteser volunteer nurses, together with the nurse of the House, have performed several diagnostics as, glycemy measurement, arterial blood pressure and EKG for 75 elderly people who live in that house, services which are offered for free from Malteser Albania. Meanwhile, the volunteers have accompanied and assisted the elderly during the medical checks and then stayed with them for a few more hours.
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