Malteser celebrates with disabled children

Slowly-slowly, the year is touching its last days. December has come. This month is full of celebrations. Christmas is the greatest joy. The children enjoy it most.
You see them in each house preparing and decorating the lovely tree of Christmas, because for them Christmas is snow, decorated tree, colorful lights, Betlehem…
We know that Christmas is not snow, is not a tree, is not a decoration, and is not only the joy of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the experience that the joy of Christmas is the closest tie  between us and the others, as an act of giving and offering, that springs from love, just as God gave us his only begotten Son.
Taking into consideration such a fact, Malteser wants to be even in this season of Advent close to those individuals whom people have left aside, have abandoned, close to those individuals who feel happy because of a smile, a shake of hands, a simple warm hug.
There are years that Malteser organizes every week different social activities with disabled people, which are the main activities in the social field. The Malteser volunteers are devoted with a great desire in these activities. This time, Malteser with its volunteers has been with the disabled children and teenagers in the Regional Center of disabled people in Shkodra. There are 60 children and teenagers who are permanently treated in the center and 40 others who come daily. The children, with the help of their music teacher had prepared a program of songs for Christmas and New Year. The Malteser volunteers have celebrated with them, singing and playing with them and have helped them to decorate three Christmas trees for three different rooms of the Center. The children and the teenagers have been treated with cakes. The activity has been financed by Malteser Albania.
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