Offering from yourself...

There are only some days left to reach Christmas celebration. People hurry to finish the last preparations. It seems that everything is perfect. Everybody wants to be with their families to fully live this feast which radiates love and kindness.

However, for many people, this feast brings sadness, because they are far from their loved ones, or they are abandoned...
At the house “Missionaries of Charity Mother Teresa”, the sisters take a special care for the disabled children and young girls who live there, to whom they try to offer the warmth and love they miss. A special help is offered by the Malteser volunteers too, who are among them every week, with different activities. They have been present even in the preparations and the celebration of Christmas, which began in the morning and went on for some hours.
At first, the volunteer girls have helped the young girls to get prepared, they have cut and combed their hair, and have helped them to dress for the feast, whereas the boys have helped to decorate the house of the girls and the Betlehem.
After that, everything has been dressed with the veil of the feast. The girls had prepared songs and dances, as a gratitude for each moment Malteser volunteers are present in their life through activities and celebrations. Even the volunteers had prepared something different from other times. One of them had the violin with him and played some musical pieces of the famous world musicians. After, everybody sang, danced and celebrated. The volunteers as well, lived wonderfully the celebration with the girls, because offering from yourself is a great joy, but receiving is a special experience too. To understand that life doesn’t offer everything, to understand the importance of being together with people who suffer and share with them, is better than have everything material for yourself. For love is what counts most...
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