Training on “Clinical examination of breast” in Malësi e Madhe

The training on “Clinical examination of breast”, accredited by the National Center of Continuing Education (QKEV) for professionals of health service, doctors and nurses, which is organized by Malteser Albania in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health in the frame of the IAEA's Program of Action for Cancer Therapy (PACT) and the Order of Malta on the cancer control is expanded in other regions.
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The training of the turn was held in Koplik, Malësi e Madhe on January 31 - February 1, with the doctors and nurses of the region. The training followed the same steps of the previously mentioned issues: gain accurate knowledge on breast examination, the importance of the earliest possible detective of various pathologies of the breast and in the end, ability to assess risk and provide recommendations for screening and care according to breast pathology protocols, divided into the theoretical and practical parts.
This training cycle is supported by the former Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Albania Prof. Dr. Günther Granser, within several campaigns and training done on Cancer Fighting.



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