Together in the autism awareness month

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta is an organization which aims to support people in need and marginalized ones without prejudice of race, religion, or ability.
There are three years that at the Malteser headquarter there is the “Malteser Consultation and Service Center, which is in service of people with disabilities, especially children.
autizmi 2016 1nThe center is in service from Monday to Friday, with a specialized staff such as speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, enabling a range of services: counseling speech therapy, counseling and other support services on autism, physiotherapy, etc., offering free service to 50 children of the northern region.
Encouraged by this successful experience with this category of people, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, in collaboration with the Municipality of Shkodra, RED (Regional Education Directorate), Star Plus and Tv Rozafa will conduct the following awareness activities about autism during April:
autizmi 2016 2n-Set a video - projector in front of the Municipality during the four weekends of April, where a spot on Autism awareness will be shown.
-The staff of the Municipality will keep an awareness pin “Autism does not choose”, during the International Day of Autism, designed by Malteser Albania, RED and the Municipality of Shkodra.
-The awareness spot will be shown by the local televisions Star Plus and TV-Rozafa throughout April.
autizmi 2016 3n-During the Super League matches in April, the players of Vllaznia team will keep the awareness uniform “Autism does not choose” during all its football matches. This will start with the first match Skëndërbeu - Vllaznia (April 2nd, 19.00). On April 9, at 16.00, in the stadium “Reshit Russi” in Shkodra there will be the match Vllaznia - Teuta and all the players will be accompanied by the autistic children of the Malteser Center during their coming to the field.
In collaboration with RED Shkodër, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta will organize an awareness march with the participation of 6 schools, which will be finalized with an artistic program by the children of special school “3 Dhjetori” in front of the Municipality and a sporting event in one of the premises of the participating schools.
-A round table will be organized with parents of children with disabilities “The integration of children with disabilities”



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