Awareness marching in the autism month

Within the awareness activities during the autism month, the volunteers of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, in collaboration with the Regional Education Directorate of Shkodra, organized on April 8, an awareness marching along the pedestrian Kolë Idromeno.
The volunteers of the Malteser Organization and the school children of “Maria Ndihmëtare”, “Branko Kadia, “Ndre Mjeda”, “3 Dhjetori”, “Ismail Qemali” and “Dëshmorët e Prishtinës”, accompanied by teachers and institutions’ staff, conducted a marching with awareness posters made by the students themselves. They distributed stickers and information leaflets to citizens in support of children with autism, Down syndrome and disabilities. At the end of the marching, the school children of “3 Dhjetori” held a short artistic program in front of the Municipality.
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