A special show in the International Roma Day

Each year, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta organizes many social, educational and awareness activities on April 8, the International Roma Day. 
Within the month of Roma, in addition to previously defined activities, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta gave the possibility to 36 Roma and Egyptians to take part in the circus show “Bellucci”. Accompanied by the Malteser volunteers, for nearly two hours, the children enjoyed the magic and unforgettable moments of the circus show.
The Circus "Bellucci" has 100 years of experience and for one month it will be present in the city of Shkodra. The Circus gives two performances each day, with different numbers of acrobatics, with exotic animals and other performances, but the ticket price is unaffordable for the middle class of the Albanian society and especially for the poor. The Organization, therefore, enabled that in their day, the Roma children participate in this very special show.
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