A study visit in the Center Sanctae Crucis - Tuzi, Montenegro

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, together with representatives of Municipality of Shkodra, Prefecture, Regional Education Directorate and representatives of the school of children with disabilities, visited on April 13 the Center for children with disabilities Sanctae Crucis, Tuzi in Montenegro, a good and an appreciated practice by national and international institutions.
This study visit was part of the awareness campaign organized by the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, with the involvement and commitment of all stakeholders in support of this marginalized category, neglected by state institutions, in order to exchange information and experiences.
The Centre for disabled children Sanctae Crucis, Tuz in Montenegro, was established in 2008. It operates under the leadership of Father Frano Dushaj, funded and supported by a Catholic association and has very little support by the state, only 20% of expenditure.
The center hosts a large number of children of different religions, who are treated for 40 different diagnoses: psychosomatic problems, motor skills, autism, etc.
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