The red and blue team wears the awareness uniform in the stadium during the autism awareness month

The oldest football club in Albania, Vllaznia, has joined the initiative of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta in the context of autism awareness month.
The red and blue team conveyed direct messages through printed images on their official uniforms “Autism does not choose”, realized by the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, wearing them at all the matches held in April.
The first match was against Korça, the southeastern city, which holds the first place in the Superleague.
The last match was on April 25 in Shkodra. The sportsmen of both teams descended on the playing field with the children of the Malteser Consultative and Service Center, to sensitize the public in accepting and supporting the autistic children. The children themselves wore awareness shirts and gave flowers.
This initiative has been commented by the written and visual media.

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