The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta holds the workshop “Multimedia multipliers for margins”

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta is one of 12 partners of the project Erasmus+ “Multimedia multipliers for margins”. This project is the advanced form of citizen journalism, which aims to empower and represent the views of vulnerable groups, but at the same time it represents an innovative model of training tools for young people.
The aim of the project is to contribute to the prevention of discrimination by encouraging equal representation in the public sphere, through the realization and distribution of videos, photos for inclusion and integration.
Within this project, on May 2, 2016, was held a workshop on the topic: “From the ruins to the seventh heaven”. During the workshop, in addition to the presentation of the project, a video with the same title was shown, worked by two volunteers of Malteser Albania, Mateo Lamnija and Luçjano Blinishta and two young people from Croatia and Ireland.
There were 50 representatives who attended this workshop, the Head of Education, representatives of the Municipality, the Prefecture, UNDP, NGOs, teachers and volunteers of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta.
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