“Children on the autistic spectrum” – a training seminar within the activities of the “Malteser Consultation and Service Center”

Dr. Anita Zacharias, pediatrician and Dr. Monika Aly, therapist, from Germany, were invited for the third time by the “Malteser Consultation and Service Center” to refer in the workshop “Children on the autistic spectrum”, which is organized by the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, in collaboration with the Municipality of Shkodra.
This training seminar was held from 15 to 17 May, 2016, with the participation of about 17 interested people of various professions.
This seminar was held in order to help in the early identification of cases and the best ways to better treatment of children of autistic spectrum.
The first two days were combined with the theoretical and practical part. In theory, the referents talked about autism, typical features, diagnosis, what kind of therapy to follow, the program TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication - Children with disabilities), problematic behavior and what support is helpful, communication and emotions.
During the practice part, the two referents presented participants with concrete cases to analyze and offered advice on how to treat autistic children in their places of work (kindergartens, schools, health centers). On the third day, which was held at the headquarter of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta, the referents offered advice to parents and children; 5 children were examined, some them are treated at the Center.
In the end the participants were delivered certificates of participation.
After the seminar, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta gave thanks to Dr. Anita Zacharias and Dr. Monika Aly, who voluntarily accepted to lead this useful seminar for the third time.
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