Communitarian center for elderly people

The Albania Organization of the Order of Malta continues to play a critical role in supporting the elderly through a number of activities such as pilgrimages, city trips, celebrating feasts and excursions. We strongly believe that elderly people have the right to a better life in dignity in their own environment in order to remain active and equal citizens in society.

This year Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta with the support of the “Fund for Forgotten People” has launched the project “Old is Gold”.

The center “Old is Gold” consisted in the establishment of a support daily centre for marginalized elderly, regardless of gender, such as those alone and/or poor and who have no other source of support.

Main services offered are:

a. raise awareness towards the problems/challenges of elderly people,  

b. basic health care,

c. promotion of social rights and protection of social welfare of elderly people,

d. elderly people have the possibility for a coffee or a tea with a minimal price, to read daily newspaper and to play cards, dominos or chess for free.

The communitarian centre for elderly is opened everyday from 8:00a.m to 22:00p.m, during the day elderly people have the opportunity to meet and to be assisted by our social workers, which are responsible for the coordination and organization of the Center. They provide psychological support and consulting to the elderly, they work with individual appointments groups and communities. 
Communitarian center for elderly people 1 Communitarian center for elderly people 2



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