‘’Goodbye Kindergarten’’

As the school year approaches its end, the elder children who will be going to school in September, have to say “goodbye” to the kindergarten, to their teachers and friends, to their toys and games.

June does not only bring the children’s feast, but also the end of the school, and the farewell to the elder friends, who in September, will go to school for the first time.

28 children said farewell to their kindergarten, to their younger friends, through a festive atmosphere, carefully prepared by their teachers.

They had prepared and showed a festive program with songs, rhymes, and games in the presence of the teachers, parents and members of the Albanian Malteser. 

The celebration ended with the ceremony of delivering diplomas to the children who will start school in September, the traditional throwing of hats and emotional and tearful hugging of children with each other and their teachers. 



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