The Kindergarten children celebrate 7 – 8 March feasts

The morning of March 7 for the children of Malteser Kindergarten was very different because was the Teacher´s Day. All the children wished their teachers with a warm hug and with flowers in their hand. They thanked them for their support all the year.

There are many days in which the Malteser kindergarten children have creates a festive atmosphere. They are prepared very carefully together with their teacher poems and song dedicated Teacher´s and Mother’s Day. Along the feast was present also the Clown, wearing colorful, organized fun games for children. The children enjoyed even the various entertaining games that the clown performed for them. 

With the help of their teacher, they made cards with wishes for their mothers, and give them to their Mother´s at the end of the day.

8 mars IMG-20190308-WA0013 8 mars IMG-20190309-WA0003  8 mars IMG-20190309-WA0035



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