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Malteser Albania is a humanitarian organization (NGO) which operates in Albania since 1995 and it has an extensive experience in projects of "Health Education". The organization has many experts who are specialized in providing First Aid courses.
Since its foundation and during its existence, Malteser Albania has trained and continues to train in First Aid, mainly for:
•    Members of Malteser Staff
•    Malteser Volunteers
•    Staff Members of some organizations
•    In 2002, it realized a First Aid project in cooperation with COSPE, to train students of schools in the villages Gur i Zi, Rragam and Zadrima.
•    In 2006 it realized a pilot-project, to train police, officers and fire brigade fire fighters in First Aid in Shkodra, Malësi e Madhe, Puka, Kukës and Lezha.
•    In 2007, it trained about 900 traffic police forces of Dibra, Shkodra, Lezha and Elbasan.
•   In 2008, it was implemented the pilot project "First Aid at schools". 180 students are trained in providing first aid at 1 high school in Lezha and one 9-year school and one secondary school in Shkodra.
•   In 2012-2013 it was implemented the first year of the project "First Aid Training at Schools" for 9-year schools and high schools in Lezha and Shkodra. 5 schools were selected in Lezha and 10 schools Shkodra. 280 students were trained as first aid providers and 40 students are certified as first aid trainers for students at their schools.
First Aid Training at Schools















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