Via Crucis on Mount Tarabosh

Lent time is marked by many activities, prayers, penance, sacrifice and good deeds in preparation of the celebration of Easter.The Church invites the faithful during the seven weeks of Lenten season to get prepared for the big celebration,

while they are called to devote themselves to fasting, prayer and almsgiving. An important space is given to spiritual work, like the Via Crucis.

The prayer of the Via Crucis, commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, accompanies this time until its end, having its triumph with the feast of the Resurrection, Easter.

As every year the youth and volunteers of the Albanian Organization Order of Malta were part of this great prayer, praying together with youth and faithful of all ages from Shkodra and surroundings.

6 prill Via Crucis 19 6 prill Via Crucis 2019 6 prill Via Crucis April 2019



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