8 APRIL "International Roma Day"

On 09 April 2019, the roma/egyptian and non-roma children of the Multidisciplinary Center Malteser Lezha organized a cultural and festive activity within the framework of the "International Roma Day" on April 8 at the premises of the Children's Cultural Center in Lezha.

The activity was organized in cooperation with Municipality of Lezha and the Regional Education Directorate in Lezha.

The purpose of this activity was to present the Roma culture and tradition, friendly cooperation between children for community integration, calls for social inclusion and for a society without discrimination and racism.

Roma/egyptian and non-roma children, under the auspices of the Center’s staff, prepared their performances for more than two weeks by conducting extensive proves at the premises of the Center.

Their performances consisted of dance shows, funniest numbers, playing various musical instruments, singing various songs and introducing a parade with characteristic Roma outfits from our Center’s children.

During the activity is presented an audio-visual material “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The material is build based on different stories and experiences presented by Roma young people, who have now a profession in their life.

Parts of the activity were also other organizations operating in the city of Lezha with focus on the roma community.

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