The international Summer Camp for disabled young people

The International Malta camp (IMS) is something unique: young volunteers spend a week of holidays with physically and mentally impaired friends from around 20 countries in the world. The volunteers support, help and care for the young handicapped.

Together, they experience extraordinary activities like rock climbing, luging, partying and paragliding. The International Summer Camp of the Order of Malta for disabled youth took place in In the middle of nature and mountains in the Benedictine abbey Ettal, about one hour drive from Munich, Bavaria from August 3– 10, 2019. 500 participants from all over the world, 1 / 3 of whom are disabled, 2/3 of whom are carers, helpers and supporters.

The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta participated with a crew of 6 people. This event was an exceptional experience especially for our guests; they had a very good time in the company of the Malteser members from all over the world.

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