A 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania early on Tuesday morning, causing several buildings to collapse. The official death toll reached 46 by Friday morning, while the fate of many others remains unknown. 
At least 600 people have suffered injuries. The search for survivors continues feverishly at the moment. The Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta (Malteser Albania) is on site in Durres and provide people with first aid: with water, hot meals, blankets, medical treatments, medicines and psychological support.
An Emergency Shelter Camp of Durres could only offer people a roof over their head only 600 out of 1 200 shelter. The rest of the people had to stay outside in the cold. In our First Aid tent, we were able to host three families and older couple last night.

Today is the day to be together!

Families affected by the earthquake need our support. The funds will go to their help.

You can donate to the account
of the ‘’Organizata Shqiptare e Urdhrit të Maltës’’ (Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta)

Your contribution will be used by our Organization to assist the earthquake affected people.

Account numbers: "Organizata Shqiptare e Urdhrit të Maltës” in second level banks


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