Humanitarian actions of Malteser Albania

Since the earthquake struck on November 26th, resulting in 51 deaths and up to 750 people injured, the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta has been continuing to respond to the needs of the people affected. Volunteers and staff from the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta arrived immediately to the disaster site after the earthquake, to provide support to the affected population.

The Malteser Albania has been supplying with food, water supplies, and hygiene products and has been providing the population with first aid care, psychosocial support in the areas of Durres, Sukth, Thumane, Lezha, Laci.

Malteser Albania has extensive experience in providing social-psychosocial support for vulnerable groups.  For this reason, four teams are going to work with children and youngsters of Vora, Sukth, Lac, LezheThey have provided psychosocial support and counseling for the people traumatized by the earthquake, supporting the temporary learning spaces and outdoor activities. This is necessary to help people overcome their highly stressful experiences and to cope with their new status of displacement.


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