Together to fight COVID-19

Last week we have intensified our health and hygiene education activities targeting children, elderly and marganalised communities. Malteser Albania afterschool program has distributed poster and flyers on COVID-19, hand washing and disinfecting surfaces.

Our social workers have been trained on protective measures for COVID-19, they have explained to the children the importance of personal hygiene, hand washing and social distancing.

We are reaching out to the elderly population with particular care and attention.

At the premises of the communitarian center for elderly people “Old is Gold”, Malteser Albania health team organized several information sessions on protective measures for COVID-19, they have explained that the lack of hygiene weaken the body’s immune system allowing the infection to thrive.

27 shkurt 2020-COVID 19 afterschool program 27 shkurt 2020-Elderly center COVID19



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