Malteser Cup July 2020

Inspired by Pope Francis that quoted “Belonging in a sports team means rejecting all forms of selfishness and isolation-it is an opportunity to meet and be with others, to help each other, to compete in mutual esteem and grow in brotherhood”
55 children participated in football championship “Malteser Cup” organized by Malteser Albania multidisciplinary center in Lezha.
Today, the event was finalized, with local figures and sport personalities honoring the children with certificates, medals and prizes. After the introductory speech the executive director of Malteser Albania, Mr. Maranaj Marku gave, the certificates were handed out to the young football players by representatives of the Malteser Albania and sport personalities of Lezhë. It was a great surprise when the children were joined by the top scorer of the Albanian Superliga 2019-2020, the gentlemen signed the balls donated to children. During the event Mr. Armando Cungu, a well-known football coach in Albania, honored with medals the members of the teams, which made it to the finals. At the end, the children celebrated whilst Armir Grima, coach of the Women National Football Team and the spiritual leader of the Albanian Organization of the Order of Malta awarded the cup and prizes to the winners of the championship.
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