Daily summer camp 2020 is part of the “Every child ready to read” after school program. Malteser Albania organized the daily summer camp, which lasted 10 days, for 30 children of the after-school program.

This summer camp is held in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides the staff members a lot of volunteers were engaged to make this experience a memorable one for the children. A lot of fun activities were organized in the outdoor premises of the headquarters of Malteser Albania such as DIY projects ( tie dye shirts), games with water balloons and educational-themed activities. In addition, some days children went on daily excursions, at Shengjin beach, at Razem (mountain area), at the swimming pools as well as at the entertainment center Latitude Tirana. Besides the possibility of entertainment the daily camp was also a good opportunity for the socialization of the participants. 

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