The consecration of the Cathedral “Blessed Mother Teresa”

cathedral consecration1
On September 6, 2008, in Laç-Vau Dejë - diocese of Sapa, it was the consecration of the Cathedral “Blessed Mother Teresa”. The Mass and the consecration were leaded by H.E Dodë Gjergji, former bishop of Sapa, actually administrator of Kosovo. Concelebrated H.E. Lucjan Avgustini, bishop of Sapa and President of Malteser Albania, H.E. Angelo Massafra, archbishop of Shkdora, F. Gazmend Tinaj, Provincial of Franciscans in Albania and Spiritual Leader of Malteser Albania and many other priests.  Among the guests there was Mrs. Rogner, the secretary of the Order of Malta embassy in Albania.
Even in this special day, Malteser Albania was present with the organization of the festive ceremony.

Malteser 12.Eurocamp 2008 – Poland

On August 16-23, 2008 it was organized the 12th Malteser Eurocamp in Zakròw-Poland.
There were 6 countries taking part: Albania, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Serbia.
It was the first time for Albania to take part in it. There were 8 participants from each country, except for Poland, which was the organizer of this Eurocamp.
The camp was centered in Zakròw, in the buildings of Caritas, placed in a beautiful scenery among mountains. The days were full of activities. The participants were divided into six mixed country groups and they were to prepare different tasks according to the day. There were
creative hours, dance and sport competitions, barbeque and sharing, presentations of countries and visits in Calvaria, Wadowice, Krakow, Auschwitz and Birkenau.
There was also First Aid refreshment for the participants and a First Aid Simulation from the Polish participants.
Each day a country group was to lead the morning prayer, to help in preparing the table during meals, and to present his own country.
A football competition was organized in the last day of Eurocamp and Albania brought home the winning cup.
Malteser 12.Eurocamp was a new experience for the Malteser Albania volunteers.


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