Balkan Camp in Greece

On August 10 – 21, 2008, a youth Balkan Camp was organized by YMCA in Nymfaio – Greece.
The aim of this Camp was to gather young people from different countries to live and share together their cultural and personal experiences.
The program topics were: intercultural learning, where the participants were to present their countries; leadership; cooperation; personal development; outdoor activities such as voluntary work, etc.
The participant countries were: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malta, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia and Spain. One of the Albanian participants was Helga, a volunteer from Malteser Albania.

Summer school-camp 2008

Ended even this year the Summer school-camp “Velipoja 2008”, organized by Malteser for Roma children of Iliria Tejbuna quarters and children from remote areas such as Bogë, Bratosh, Reç, Sheldi, Dedaj, where Malteser Albania operates and from suburbs of Shkodra, whose families have economic difficulties.  The camp took place as always in the Velipoja beach from 25 June – 28 July
 This project of Summer school-camp “Velipoja 2008”  aimed to integrate Roma children and those coming from remote areas to social life, since they are usually completely excluded, and to increase their education level; to involve all the participants in the activity program; to increase their knowledge on the topics according to the program, filling in
some of the blanks left from the low attendance of the school by these children; to create awareness of children's rights and find strategies how to combat the forced labor which is frequent among them; to increase their knowledge on personal hygiene, as a means to prevent different diseases; to provide entertainment for the children through recreational games and sports and also to help them establish new friendships.
The camp was organized in three shifts, ten days each, with 35 children and 10 Malteser volunteers for each shift. The volunteers sat up the camp, organized it and conducted the activities. The children followed a daily educational and entertainment program.
Every shift performed a school program, prepared by the Malteser staff and volunteers, and attended study excursions at the coast, including river Buna and Viluni Laguna.
The school program included: Information on children rights, environmental awareness, History and Geography lessons, reading and writing, painting, simple Math, Health Education and First Aid. Besides this there was an entertainment program, sports activities and competitions. Both programs focused on new ways of communication between the children and on establishing tolerance and acceptance. The method for the activities was learning through participation but it was alternated with some theoretical explanation.
Summer school-camp was financed by OSCE.


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