Saint Anthony celebration – Laç, Kurbin

On 11-13 June, 2006 during the Pilgrimage in St. Anthony Church, there was a medical service from Malteser Albania with 5 volunteers and an Ambulance Car for 24 hours. This was due to the request of the Albanian Franciscan Province with its center in Shkodra.
3000 people took part in this pilgrimage which is held every year.
In the ceremonial Mass, of June 13th we had the honor to have the Metropolitan Archbishop of Tirana-Durrës Archdiocese, Msgr. Rrok Mirdita and the President of the Republic of Albania Mr. Alfred Moisiu.

Children celebration on their Day

festafemijeve06On May 30, Malteser Albania in collaboration with the private school “ALBA” organized an artistic program for Roma children at facilities of the Village of Peace. In this activity 70 children were present and a cocktail was prepared for them. The activity was part of Malteser Albania program for the integration of Roma population to city community.
Another activity was held on June 1, where Malteser Albania on the occasion of Children Celebration donated for Children Preschooler Schools (Orphanages) two terrestrial TV receivers asked by the children to their institutions. The donation was made during the celebrations in these institutions where Mrs. Arenca Troshani, Minister of Integration and Mr. Artan Haxhi, Shkodra Mayor participated.


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