CP intervention in Mes, Shkodra 2008

Accident - 12 May 2007 1
Accident - 12 May 2007
In the morning of May 12, an accident happened in the Village Mes, in Shkodra.
A working car, which was traveling to Mes with 11 passengers, fell down the road 200 meters at the foot of the mountain.
With the request of the Prefect of Shkodra Region, the Civil Protection Team of Malteser Albania went to the accident place together with its First Aid and ambulances, to offer help for the injured people. While the injured ones were evacuated, the Civil Protection Team of Malteser together with the  Police Forces went down to the place were the car was to search for other people who could be hurt.
In this accident only a woman lost her life and the others were sent immediately to hospital.

Diocesan Youth Day

On March 15, 2008 it was celebrated the Diocesan Youth Day. This year, proclaimed as the Jubilee Year, on the 150 anniversary of the Cathedral of S. Stephen construction, the activity was held first in this church.
The celebration of this feast started with the greeting words of the Youth Diocese Commission Leader Dom Vlash Palaj, who gave thanks to the young participants and the organizing group.
At 9.45 the Holy Mass was celebrated by H.E Angelo Massafra and other priests who were present.
With the end of the Mass, the youth groups were directed to four places, according to their pastorals centers: “F. Pjetër Meshkalla” school, “Salesian Sisters” and “Franciscan Convent”.
Some of the youth groups took part in some social activities in the Orphanage, Old people House and planted some trees in one of the squarer of the city.
Malteser volunteer group was activated at First Aid team and at serving meals for the participant. There were 14 volunteers and two staff members taking part in this activity.


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