Malteser activity with the sport-club Vllaznia

Among many activities that "Malteser Albania" holds during the year, it was asked from sport-club Vllaznia (FK Vllaznia) to assist in medical services during football matches held in the stadium "Loro Boriçi" in Shkodër. Malteser was present until now, in 7 matches between the national teams during the national league and two matches between Albania-Slovenia, for the eliminations for the European championship, and Albania-Montenegro, a fellowship match.
A Malteser ambulance car and five paramedic volunteers, (boys and girls) were present in each match, where they were to offer their assistance when it was needed. This activity has been seen as very fruitful from sport-club Vllaznia.
This collaboration between MNSH and FK Vllaznia started on March 01, 2007.

Pilgrimage of the "Station of the Cross"

 The "Station of the Cross" is a service which is mostly prayed in the Catholic Church during Lent Season remembering the sufferings and the death of Jesus Christ on the Cross. This prayer is specially prayed with many young people and people of other ages on the Tarabosh Mountain in Shkodër.
This year the "Station of the Cross" was held on March, 24th 2007, just two weeks before Easter.
The activity started at 09.30 a.m. and the procession began near the "Village of Peace" to the top of "Tarabosh Mountain" leaded by the parish priest and the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Shkodër-Pult.
Malteser Albania was present even this year in this prayer with its help and collaboration. Thee Malteser volunteers were in charge to pray the 8th stop of the "Station of the Cross" and hold the cross, whether the Ambulance Car was on the alert during the procession together with the First Aid team.
16 volunteers and 3 staff members of Malteser Albania took part.
There was the Kitchen Car with ready-made sandwiches, snack and refreshments as well and everything prepared was sold.
The whole activity went on perfectly even though it was a cold and rainy day. There was really a great number of the participants and it finished at about 01.00 p.m.


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