First Aid Intervention

On March 12, 2007, a heavy accident happened on the way to Dukagjin, (name of village - KIR) where a van with 12 passengers was passing by. The van fell 80 meters down, being covered 70 centimeter by the water.
After the request from the Prefect of Shkodër, Malteser Rapid Intervention Team was ready-to-service, leaving for the accidental place at 6.20 P.M, (20 minutes after information) with thee ambulances and a van for people transportation, with the presence of 9 people from the Staff and the Volunteers. Malteser stayed at the accidental place until their presence was no more needed.
Eight people died during this accident, whether the others were immediately sent to hospital for the medical help. The dead bodies were pulled over only the next day with the coming of the divers.
At the place were present Military troupes, Special Forces of Police, Traffic police, ambulances from state services and Malteser.

"Solidarity pro mental health" in Shkodër

 On March 3, 2007, it was the "Solidarity pro mental health" day in Shkodër. On this occasion, the Norwegian Organization "The Door" organized a campaign in fund raising where volunteers from other organizations and groups took part: Youth Parliament, "The Door", "Malteser Albania", Norwegian Embassy, Shkodra Hospital, the special school of handicap children "3 Dhjetori", the Rozafa TV and the Town Hall. The aim of this service was to gather money from people on the streets, from businessmen, shops, and use them for the mental hospital needs. There was a children's show as well at the center of the city and a fair with handmade fancywork made by the children of the special school.
The service took place from 9 am to 7 pm and all the volunteers were engaged in gathering as much money as possible. There were nine Malteser volunteers who offered their service during this "Solidarity pro mental health" day in Shkodër. They showed the ability and above all the desire to help people in need.
On March 4, during the charity feast, a special thanks and diplomas were given to all the volunteers who offered their time and contribute.


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