Day of the sick

It is a good tradition in Albania that on the day of Our Lady of Lourdes, called "The day of the sick", all the parish churches organize Mass where sick faithful participate.
On February 10, this Mass was organized in the Cathedral of Laç Vau  Dejes and was celebrated by Msgr. Lucian Avgustini with the parish priest and other priests who were present.
On February 11, the Mass was organized in the Cathedral of Shkodra and was celebrated by Msgr. Angelo
Massafra, with the parish priest and other priests as well.
During these two Masses the presence of the Volunteers of "Malteser Albania" was important. In Laç Vau Dejes, the volunteers were to help sick people in need.
In Shkodra, the Volunteers were to collaborate with the Sisters of Mother Teresa "Missionaries of Charity" in transporting the sick children and old and sick people from their houses to the Church and vice-versa.
At the end of the two Masses, celebrants gave thanks to all those who helped in organizing the Masses, and a special thank was given to Malteser Albania.
There were eight Malteser volunteers taking part during two Masses and two cars were in service.

Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. Lucian Avgustini

monsluciani06On January 5, 2007, at 10 o'clock, at the Cathedral consecrated to Mother Teresa in Laç Vau i Dejës, took place the Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. Lucian Avgustini.
Malteser Albania was present in this activity of the Church in Albania offering its contribute for some reasons.
Msgr. Lucian Avgustini has served for 12 years as a Parish Priest in the Cathedral of Saint Stephan and as a General Vicar in the Diocese of Shkodra. He was and continues to be the Spiritual Leader of the Organization "Malteser Albania".
Thus, it was a great pleasure and honor for all the members of Malteser to have the possibility to offer its contribution and support of in this very important event.
After their participation in the Holy Mass, the volunteers of Malteser offered for the faithful drinks and food prepared by them.
There were 17 people present from the staff and the volunteers of MNSH and six cars were used for this activity.


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