Summer Camp - Velipoja

The summer camp-school "Velipoja 2006" will take place between June 15–July 15. 150 Roma children and children from remote areas such as Boge, Bratosh, Sheldi and Gomsiqe whose families live in extreme poverty will take part. The camp will be organized in three shifts and each shift will be for 10 days. In each shift there will be 50 children, 15 volunteers and the camp’ staff will be compound by the manager, two trainers, a doctor, a driver and a chef. They will be following the education-entertainment program actively every day. Malteser Albania will offer transport from their families to the Camp, food during their stay, accommodation and an education-entertainment program.
The Camp will be set up by Malteser volunteers and the logistics will be offered by Malteser Albania. The volunteers will be assisting the instructors according to the agenda of the activities. The volunteers will facilitate the normal activity of the Camp by giving a hand in cleaning, systemizing and maintaining the logistics, in providing different services and take care of security of the children. The volunteers under the guidance of the medical doctor will conduct topics related to hygienic education and basic knowledge on First Aid. For the implementation of the Summer-Camp School, Malteser Albania will involve different instructors with a long experience in education and other related issues as foreseen in the program of activities.
Malteser Albania will include in the Camp a Health Care Unit under the direction of a medical doctor and one ambulance car will stay non stop to guarantee the medical security.
In a long term perspective, the project aims to integrate the Roma children and those coming from remote areas to social life since this category are completely excluded. Only some programs run by Malteser Albania and Caritas were serving this purpose. The local authorities’ presence is almost non existent. In a short term perspective, the project aims to increase the education level of the participants by offering some lessons according to the program of activities. Through the successful fulfilment of these activities, we believe that these children will cultivate a new feeling of self-esteem and self-reliance. The participation in the Summer Camp-School will make possible for these children to enjoy in an active manner the summer holidays which they properly never did before. The program has been arranged so as to offer education through entertainment.
"Velipoja 2006" will help the children to get new friends of their age and profit from the experience of Malteser Albania volunteers. They will be away from the abusive street jobs which they mostly do to support their families. The methodology used to learn through entertainment will motivate Roma children and those from the remoter areas to increase the attendance of the school. The activities are programmed in that way so that they can develop communication and free expression of the opinion amongst the children. Careful listening, respect and the company of Malteser Albania volunteers towards Roma children and those coming from the remote areas will open the way to the increase of their self esteem and decrease their feeling of being discriminated by the society.

Saint Anthony celebration – Laç, Kurbin

On 11-13 June, 2006 during the Pilgrimage in St. Anthony Church, there was a medical service from Malteser Albania with 5 volunteers and an Ambulance Car for 24 hours. This was due to the request of the Albanian Franciscan Province with its center in Shkodra.
3000 people took part in this pilgrimage which is held every year.
In the ceremonial Mass, of June 13th we had the honor to have the Metropolitan Archbishop of Tirana-Durrës Archdiocese, Msgr. Rrok Mirdita and the President of the Republic of Albania Mr. Alfred Moisiu.


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