Station of the Cross

station2006On March 11th, 2006, the “Station of the Cross”, an important activity of the Catholic Church was held. It is the 3rd time that Malteser, in cooperation with the Church Group (Teacher where do you live) organizes and manages it successfully, so this has proved to be an excellent collaboration.
Malteser Albania had a very important role in this organisation and progress.
The activity started from “Our Lady of Good Council” shrine” at 09.30 and the procession started near the “Village of Peace” to the top of “Mountain Tarabosh”.
Malteser Group helped people to pass through the Buna Bridge, sound and safe. The number of the pilgrims was nearly 1500-2000. Even though it was a rainy day, they were very devoted and happy to be there.
15 volunteers and 5 staff members of Malteser worked directly in the organization of the activity. Each of them had a given specific task. There were also many other volunteers who were pilgrims.
The working group was divided in two parts and had their pre-assigned roles:
- the security group (or the accompanying one)
- the kitchen group
1- The security- The volunteers accompanied the faithful on the sides of the road, so that they could be in a row.
2- The Ambulance Car was on the alert during the procession.
3- The kitchen car had ready-made sandwiches and refreshments as well. Everything prepared was sold.
The Malteser volunteers prayed the 13th stop of the Station.
Malteser volunteers and staff were of great help in the management of this significant and particular activity.
The whole activity went on perfectly and finished at about 02.00 p.m.


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