Diocesan Youth Day

The Diocesan Youth Day was held on 8 of April in Razma and Malteser Albania had an important role in its organization. 1000 young Catholics from Shkodra Diocese took part.
A part of the Civil Protection Structures of Malteser Albania led by Mr. Aleks Rudaj (Volunteer of MA, Manager of Logistical Structures in the C.P, MNSH), built a small camping on Friday afternoon which would be used for night accommodation, training and refresh of knowledge in some Civil Protection topics and the support of the whole activity.
 The volunteers of MA were divided in working groups with their given duties.
•    Medical Service Group
The Ambulance was in disposition offering medical service in three cases.
•    Security Group
This group was engaged in the tranquillity and the participants’ security.
Kitchen Group
The guys of this group offered people hamburgers, sandwiches, refreshments etc.
A part of the income will be used to buy necessary medicines for the Medical Assistance Program, implied in Roma Community. This program is implemented by MA for more than 6 years. The rest will support other youth volunteer activities of Malteser Albania.
20 volunteers worked directly in the successful realization of this activity.
Two staff members were present but also many volunteer participants.
The activity ended at 03.00 p.m and after bringing together camping’s equipment the motorcade of MA went back to the Center.
This activity was greeted by the Archbishop and Shkodra Vicar who thanked the work of Malteser Albania.



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