Wishes for the teacher’s and mother’s day!

The morning of March 7, was completely different for the children of Malteser Kindergarten. Even it was a cloudy and rainy day, for them it was a very joyful day.

With flowers in their hands, they hurried to the Kindergarten, greeted their teachers with a warm hug and wished them the teacher’s and mother’s day.
There are many days that they are prepared for these feasts. They have learned rhymes and songs and under the care of their teachers, they have prepared a festive program to show for their teachers and mothers.
In each group the children have showed the prepared program, and after the children of both groups, together with the teachers and mothers have celebrated together.
For many days, with the help of their teachers, they have made cards with wishes for their mothers, and they have given them to their mothers at the end of the festive program.
7 mars festa 1n7 mars festa 4n



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