First Aid training competition among schools of Shkodra and Lezha

It came to its end the first year of the project “First Aid trainings at Schools” with students of the 9-year and high schools in Shkodra and Lezha, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Education.

This First Aid training passed through four phases:
konkursi fa vFirst phase: May-November 2012 was the period of students’ training of five 9-year and high schools in Lezha and ten 9-year and high schools in Shkodra and 15 students from each school participated in the First Aid training, 280 students in all.

Second phase: Trainings of trainers (multiplicators) was held during January – March 2013. Ten students have participated in each training and this special training of multiplicators created in each school a “First Aid trainers’ (multiplicators) team”.

Third phase: The First Aid multiplicators team” offered First Aid trainings to new students at their schools.

Fourth phase: The First Aid competition among the participating schools, where the winner school would receive a trainers’ kit (laptop, beamer and Anne modular) for First Aid Trainings.

konkursi fa2 nOn April 12, 2013, Malteser Albania, organized the competition among the best students of the 15 schools of Shkodra and Lezha, who are part of the “First Aid trainers’ (multiplicators) team” at their schools.
This competition was held at the settings of the school “Maria Ndihmëtare” in Shkodra, in the presence of teachers and students of respective schools and the staff and volunteers of Malteser Albania. The answers of the students were judged by a jury made of nurses and specialized volunteers in the field of First Aid Training.

The competition passed through 3 rounds:

konkursi fa4 vThe first round: selective questions, where 7 schools would proceed the competition; the second round: 5 schools in competition; and the final round, from which the winner school was to be known.

At the end of the competition, the winners were the 9-year school “Zemra e Krishtit” from Shkodra in the second place and the 9-year school “Besëlidhja” from Lezha in the first place.

The school “Zemra e Krishtit” received a laptop and “Besëlidhja” received a trainers’ kit (laptop, beamer and Anne modular), which will be used for further First Aid trainings at their schools.

konkursi fa6 vThis First Aid training of students at schools will pass through its phases for two other years as well.

Malteser Albania offers its thanks to the Regional Directorates of Education of Shkodra and Lezha, to the Malteser volunteers, and the welcoming “Maria Ndihmëtare” School and Sr. Michaela Kubovica for offering the setting for the First Aid Competition.



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