PAIRS meeting on “Effective Programs for the Active Integration/Inclusion of the Roma in South-East Europe”

On April 22-24, 2013, in Albania, it was held the fourth meeting of PAIRS, the “Study visit” on “Effective Programs for the Active Integration/Inclusion of the Roma in South-East Europe”.
pairs fshati 150As already known, the PAIRS project aims at collecting good examples of sectoral and local policies that have served effective inclusion of Roma communities in eight countries and provides a platform for international exchange of knowledge and expertise in order to facilitate the inclusion of Roma minorities throughout the region.
The PAIRS partnership involves 18 partners from 8 SEE countries, where the exclusion of Roma population represents a high policy priority – Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
The aim ofpairs romani baxt 150 PAIRS Study Visit in Albania was to introduce good practices for the integration of the Roma Community in the South-East Europe from the working group of Albania, which is made of Malteser Albania, Teuleda, and Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.
On April 22, the meeting was held in Tirana. The participants were introduced with the representatives of the Service and partners/donors; Integration/Inclusion policies for the street children; visit to the Social Multidisciplinary Center “Romani Baxt” and presentation of good practice by Mr. Agim Fortuna, representative of the local Roma Community.
pairs rrobaqepesi 150On the second day, April 23, in Shkodra, the participants took part in the meeting of PAIRS project’s stakeholders and interested parties about “Roma Community in Shkodra Region”; then they visited the “Village of Peace” with the presentation of the good practice: “Roma School”; and the visit to a metal collection business, where Roma people are employed.
In Fushë – Krujë the meeting started with the visit to the Multidisciplinary Community Center with the presentation of good practice: pairs shkolla 26 nentori 150“Literacy and social skills training for Roma women, men and children” by Adra Albania.
On the third day, April 24, in Tirana, there was the Visit to the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities and presentations by the Ministry Officials; visit to the school “26 Nëntori” and presentations of the “Help the Children” project and at the end visit to the Tirana Municipality Day Centre for Inclusive Education and presentation of activities by Ms. Klara Simoni, representative of the NGO “Save the Children”.



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