FA Certificates for the training students of Lezha

After having successfully gone through the First Aid Trainings and test, the students of 9-year and high schools of Lezha, have received the FA Certificates, and the students who have participated in the further training as the “Trainers’ Team” at schools, have received the Certificates as Trainers of the First Aid.

certificate deliverance lezha1nThe five schools in Lezha, where Malteser Albania has held the First Aid trainings, were selected by the Regional Directorate of Education in Lezha. There were the 9-year schools “Besëlidhja”, “Kosova”, “Gjergj Fishta”, and “Gjergj Kastrioti”, and the high school “Kolin Gjoka”, where 85 students were trained.
The Certificates were delivered to the students by the Director of the Regional Directorate of Education, the Inspector of Education, who has supported Malteser in successfully realizing the trainings, and the representatives of Malteser Albania and Malteser Hilfsdienst in the presence of schools’ directors and teachers. The winner school “Besëlidhja” has also received the trainers’ kit (laptop, beamer and Anne modular), which will be used for further First Aid trainings at schools.
Now, in every school it is established the “Trainers Team” on First Aid, which is able to train students in offering the First Aid in emergencies.



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