24 students get certified as Trainers on First Aid in the Schools of Shkodra

Malteser Albania finishes the first year of the project implementation "First Aid Training" in the schools of Shkodra and Lezha.
The schools of Shkodra will have the certified “First Aid Trainers Team”, who will be able to train students in providing First Aid assistance in emergency cases.

fa multiplikator shkodra 2nAfter being trained and having received certificates in the First Aid assistance, the best 24 students of ten 9-year and high schools in Shkodra, where Malteser Albania has implemented the First Aid trainings, have been introduced and certified as “First Aid Trainers Team”, in schools.
The participating schools in the project "First Aid Training" selected by the Regional Education Directorate of Shkodra were: the 9-year schools “Mati Logoreci”, “Dëshmorët e Prishtinës”, “Shpresa për të Ardhmen”, “Maria Ndihmëtare”, “Prenk Jakova”, “Zemra e Krishtit” and the high schools “Shejnaze Juka”, “Maria Ndihmëtare”, “Prenk Jakova” and “Peter Maringhen” with a total of 195 trained students who are able to provide first aid in emergency cases.
The Certificates deliverance was in June 3, at the settings of the school “Zemra e Krishtit”, after the Malteser Albania representative made a brief presentation of the Order of Malta, Malteser Albania Organization, Voluntarism and Malteser volunteers’ activities, especially volunteers of their age.
The Certificates were delivered by the representative of Malteser Albania and the headmaster of “Zemra e Krishtit”, Sister Arcangela Loverre.
fa multiplikator shkodra 1nMalteser Albania, which has organized and implemented the "First Aid Training in Schools" for Shkodra and Lezha has fully completed all the activities planned for the first year of the project. There are 280 students trained to be skilled in providing First Aid Training and 40 students as trainers of the First Aid for their schoolmates. These students, members of First Aid Trainers Team will be assisted in their first trainings by Malteser Albania.
Malteser offers thanks to Porticus for the financial support of the project, the Regional Directorates of Education in Shkodra and Lezha for selecting schools, the headmasters and teachers of the schools for their support and assistance, and Malteser volunteers for their commitment in this project.



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