Children, well done!

A very festive atmosphere was created today in the Malteser Kindergarten. The children were dressed nicely, and their faces showed happiness.

kindergarten diploma 2nAs the school year approaches its end, the elder children who will be going to school in September, have to say “goodbye” to the kindergarten, to their teachers and friends, to their toys and games.
Therefore, they had prepared and showed a festive program with songs, rhymes, and games in the presence of the teachers, parents and members of the Albanian Malteser. Their teacher had prepared square academic caps for the children, and they looked so wonderful in that.
The special moment of this festivity was the “exhibition” with drawings, paintings and other works during three years by the children who will leave the kindergarten.
At the end of this festive program, the 19 children of Malteser Kindergarten, who will start school in September, were delivered diplomas for the successful completion of pre-school cycle.



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