Another year has passed ...

Kindergartens and schools have already remained silent. The children's voices are not heard either in class or in the hallways. Even the Malteser kindergarten has greeted today its children, to meet again in September with the children who will pass on the next group, but also said “farewell” to the children who in September will start school.
kopshti pershendetja nHow many emotions! How many tears of joy and sadness have accompanied the hugs of the children with their teachers. How many wonderful memories are kept in albums of these past months in the company of each other! How many things they have learned! How much fun! They are grown up so much!
When you ask them, they don’t know what to tell before. However, we could get some of the emotions of the children who will start school, Klauda, Angjela, Mateo, Franceska and Flavio.
With their childish vocabulary they say that they enjoyed the kindergarten, because they have learned many new things: they have learned the letters, the numbers, the geometric shapes, rhymes, stories and songs, they have learned how to draw and paint, how to use different materials, like taps, shells, rice etc. have made new friends, have learned how to keep the environment clean, have walked, played, learned to act out but also how to behave well with each other and use the magic words.
When asked how they feel now that are leaving kindergarten to start school in September, they reply that they feel a little sad, because they will be separated from the games, friends and their dear teachers, but they are eagerly looking forward to starting school and learn new things.
*          *          *
A brief overview of the academic year 2012 - 2013:
30 children attended the first group, 36 children attended the second group. 29 children were registered for the first time in the kindergarten. 19 children will enter school in September. 28 birthdays have been celebrated. Besides teaching days, children have been entertained; they had excursions, have celebrated and shared.
The uniqueness of the Malteser Kindergarten is that even Roma children, autistic children and children from the Development Centre can attend it, since the kindergarten is a day center which includes a preschool program.
The Malteser Kindergarten continues to be a great help to all those families who are still in an economical difficulty or integration into society,  but their children now have the opportunity to attend kindergarten like all their peers.
All this thanks to the financial support of Malteser Hospitaldienst Austria and the former Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Albania, Prof. Dr. Günther Granser, who we thank and are grateful, but also of the deep commitment of the teachers throughout the school year and of parents for their commitment to the progress of the kindergarten. Thank you to everyone!

Here are some moments of the children in the kindergarten.
kopshti ore mesimi skopshti ore formimii skopshti ore lire skopshti lojera s
         Learning                                 Formation                          Free time                             Games
kopshti ekskursion skopshti 1qershori skopshti ditelindje skopshti teater s
             Excursions                     Children's feast                       Birthdays                                Theater



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