"Our Lady of Lourdes" in the cave of Koman

On May 19, 2007 there was celebrated the 10th anniversary of placing the statue of "Our Lady of Lourdes" in the cave in Koman, Shkodër. It was placed there ten years ago, after the turbulences which took place in Albania during March 1997. Three years ago this statue was replaced with a bigger one. Each year the faithful of Koman and other surroundings go on pilgrimages to pray to Our Lady and ask her intercession.
On this day the celebration started with the Rosary and the greeting of Don Antonio Giovannini, the parish priest of Koman, followed by the greeting of the delegate of Lourdes H.E. Bishop Jacques Perrier, and dances prepared for the case. There were many faithful present, young boys and girls, and the members of the Legion of Mary in Albania.
After, the pilgrimage started toward the cave where the statue of Our Lady is placed. The Mass was celebrated by H.E. Bishop Angelo Massafra, in co-celebration with H.E. Bishop Lucian Avgustini, H.E. Bishop Jacques Perrier and many priests. The faithful attended the Mass from the ferry.
A 30 minute journey followed with ferry directed to an island, to be soon baptized as the "island of peace" where hundreds of doves symbolizing peace would touch the blue sky.
With the request of H.E Bishop Lucian Avgustini, the Spiritual Leader of Malteser Albania, 17 members of the Malteser staff and volunteers were present for the celebrations of this anniversary in Koman, where they were to offer their medical assistance when needed, with an ambulance, two cars and the needed equipment.