A travel with volunteers to Montenegro

On October 6, 2007, Malteser Albania wanted to have a travel with all its volunteers, who have been offering their precious contribute during the Summer Camp 2007 in Velipoja.
Taking into consideration the desire of volunteers, it was decided to have a travel through Montenegro, in some of the lovely places.
There were 23 volunteers taking part and 2 staff members, who accompanied them and the travel was made by bus along the amazing coast.
After some hours the first stop was in Kotor, where many tourists get attracted from the old town and its castle and the wonderful sight of the coast. Then, on the way back, the volunteers would see and hear the story of some ancient Catholic and Orthodox Churches built in the middle of the water or at the foot of the mountains. The second stop was in Budva, one of the beaches of Montenegro, which, even though summer had gone, had still many tourists wandering around. The third and the last stop was in Ulqin, another attractive beach, with its wonderful sea and castle.
It was a short but a meaningful travel, a chance to relax from the works and studies of the week and to better appreciate the creation of God.